Business Advisory Services for Processors

As experts in the field of cashew processing, we help processors large or small to take their business to the next level. We can:
  • Assist with projections for business planning and loan applications
  • Provide support for inventory analysis, and training in collateral management
  • Provide advice on management capacity-building
  • Sharing of sectoral best practices and lessons learned
  • Provide efficiency-evaluation tools and training
  • Provide advice on business expansion via scale upgrading and by-product processing
  • Provide additional technical services by request
 How to qualify
  • Be an ACA member
  • Commit to ACA Business Code of Conduct
  • Have an African-based, legally-registered company
  • Have a clear vision and mission for cashew business
  • Pass ACA due diligence
  • Sign ACA Technical Assistance Agreement with specific scope of work and payment
Technical assistance services are made possible with support from: