11 Jan, 2023
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Location: Accra, Ghana


The ACA Quality & Sustainability Seal is an industry-accepted mark that confirms compliance with internationally recognized standards of quality, food safety, social as well as labor standards. The ACA Seal...

11 Nov, 2022

Seasoned Cashew expert and Director of Nuts2, Kees Blokland, has identified quality and commitment as two important elements for the growth of the cashew processing subsector in Africa.

Speaking at the African Cashew Alliance (ACA)’s Global Markets Encounter with Jim Fitzpatrick on Wednesday,...

8 Nov, 2022


 The African Cashew Alliance (ACA) has been working on developing learning solutions for the industry.  As such we have developed several eLearning and in-class training programs, which are being rolled out. We have also fully taken over the Master Training Program (MTP) from the Market-Oriented Value...