ACA Holds 2016 Annual Staff Retreat

Returning from the holidays, ACA Secretariat held its annual staff retreat from the 13th to 14th of January 2017. Themed “Strategizing for Greater Impact and Results”, the retreat aimed to brainstorm and gather ideas for the preparation of a new strategy for the Alliance in 2017 and beyond.  After 10 years of existence, in a very dynamic industry, ACA has definitely gotten to a point where re-strategizing to meet the pressing needs of the industry, such that the organization becomes relevant for its existence is necessary. Mr. Ernest Mintah, Interim Managing Director of ACA and facilitator of the retreat, also emphasized the need to work together, build a strong secretariat team and create an open work environment for greater impact. 


Other important objectives of the retreat included stock taking of 2016 (highlights and challenges), presentation of departmental work plans for the first quarter in 2017, preparations toward the 2017 annual conference in Benin and team building. The retreat addressed all these objectives and was very constructive in gathering ideas for the coming years as well as the organization of a successful 2017 conference. ACA interim Managing Director facilitated great sessions that created the opportunity for staff themselves to come up with ideas for resource mobilization and service offers for ACA. 


By the end of the retreat, staff members had developed stronger bonds through creative team building exercises and departments had received detailed and useful feedback on work plans for the first quarter. 


Several of the concepts discussed during this retreat will be considered during the upcoming creation of a new strategic plan for ACA. Overall, the retreat was a great success and Staff has developed great hope and expectation for better years of making a great impact in the future for the Alliance!