Global Cashew Council Identifies Priorities at Steering Council Meeting

At a Steering Committee last October in Paris, the Global Cashew Council (GCC) identified several priorities for the years to come and developed an action plan for key upcoming activities. ACA MD Christian Dahm and former ACA president Carlos Costa attended as representatives of the African region. 

The meeting established a five-point program for follow up in 2013: a standard for cashew kernel, a research project, a website, GCC marketing material, and a letter of invitation for participation in the GCC to large companies and organizations involved in the cashew industry.

The International Nut & Dried Fruit Council (INC) and the GCC finalized an official Agricultural Quality Standard. This standard was created by the Specialized Section on Standardization of Dry and Dried Produce of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) with the help and recommendations of the INC and the GCC. It was adopted on 8 November for one-year trial period concerning the marketing and commercial quality control of cashew kernels. You can download the standard here.

In Paris, the council also decided to develop a research project on the health benefits of cashews. The project proposal is titled: “The effect of cashew consumption on lipid profile, inflammation or oxidation in individuals with mild hypercholesterolemia”.  The INC confirmed its availability to prepare a call for research and to monitor the process preliminary call for research letters of intent inviting all kind of group researchers, to collect all letters received and to evaluate and recommend to the GCC the most suitable project.  The World Forum will closely follow up with the project to ensure the aim of the project is achieved. Though the research will require significant investment, the resulting information could be an important resource for the cashew industry.

The GCC has extended invitations to cashew-related businesses who might be interested in participating in the council. Potential members include industry suppliers, supermarkets, Operators, Associations and brokers, all of whom have been invited to join the Global Cashew Council.

For more information on the Global Cashew Council, visit its recently-launched micro-site, part of the INC website, which you can find here.