ACA Participates at the World Cashew Convention

From the 9th to 11th of February, ACA Executive committee members, Mrs. Minata Koné and Ms. Johanna Adotevi, participated in the just ended  World Cashew Convention held in Singapore. Under the theme “Embracing Change”, the convention built upon last year’s discussions, focusing on cashew kernel buyers and how to meet their expectations through constant feedback, suggestions, and change.  The 3rd edition of the World Cashew Convention attracted more than 400 delegates from around the globe, including RCN traders, Kernel buyers, processors, suppliers, equipment sellers, and supply chain managers.

During the three-day event, ACA Executive Committeee members promoted the upcoming 2017 ACA Annual Cashew Conference to be held in Benin under the theme, “A New Vision for Partnerships & Investments”. They also contributed to a  special session on ‘Women entrepreneurs in cashew’ which  created awareness for the great women who are making an impact in the industry as well as their communities.

ACA is pleased to have represented our members and the African cashew industry at such an important industry event.