ACA Participates in Cashew Industry Association of Ghana (CIAG) Emergency EC Meeting

On February 27th, ACA’s Sector Organization Head, Olivier Kabré and Head of Corporate Services, Marian Lamptey, participated in an emergency executive committee meeting of the Ghana Cashew Industry Association (CIAG), Ghana’s national cashew industry body. Over a couple of hours, members at the meeting deliberated on proposed regulations for cashew exports, presented by GEPA and PPRSD as part of outcomes from the Joint Ministerial Technical Committee. These regulations, if enforced are expected to sanitize and to some extent, resolve the issues of unlawful farm gate RCN purchasing activities and in the long term, create regular supply of RCN to local processors.

The committee after a thorough discussion on the various points of this document identified enforcement of these proposed regulations as the only challenge and therefore made commitments to take steps that will help enforce these regulations. In addition, several dialogues and forums will be held for close monitoring of these regulations as the season approaches.

Overall, the meeting was successful and ACA pledged its continuous support to the association in the provision of technical assistance, advocacy and leveraging of resources.