With the SIETTA-ACA Conference fast approaching, we are excited to announce that the African Cashew Alliance is partnering with ASKY Airlines to offer participants reduced fares to Abidjan!

ASKY AIRLINES  is pleased to grant 12% fare discounts to all conference participants.

Kindly Note the following:

1. Fare Discount: 12% on both available Economic and Business classes.

2. Participants/passengers should present letter of invitation of (SIETTA-ACA conference 2018) or other documents which show he/she is a participant of the conference.

3. Ticket must be issued from Asky Office.

4. Fare discount is valid for travel from 2nd Nov. 2018 to 17th Nov. 2018.

Make sure to book your flights quickly as you do not want to miss this deal!

For any more information please contact us at!