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The latest news from the African cashew industry.

24 avr, 2015

"Guinea-Bissau set 2015 farmgate cashew price paid to farmers at 300 CFA francs ($0.49) per kg, 20 percent higher than the previous year, as the government launched a new season aimed at boosting its top export earner. The tiny West African nation is the world's seventh-biggest cashew...

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17 avr, 2015

At a national consultative forum held at the Baobab Holiday Resort, representatives of all components of the cashew value chain - including farmers, traders, processors, exporters, and other relevant public and private sector stakeholders - declared that April 15 would be the start date for the cashew marketing season in The Gambia. To read more, please visit the allAfrica site...

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10 avr, 2015

Ms Anna Abdallah has been appointed as the new Chairman of Cashewnut Board of Directors in Tanzania, by President Jakaya...

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7 avr, 2015

Western Cashew Nut Industries is discussing with Development Bank of Zambia and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock on the possibility to finance the 22 million Zambian kwecha required to invest in the multi-million cashew plantation project. Company managing director Moses Shimbilimbili said over 200 farmers have been engaged to cultivate cashew trees under the out-grower schemes....

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23 mar, 2015

Le 19 mars 2015, le Centre des ressources commerciales (ATRC) de la Loi sur la croissance et les possibilités économiques en Afrique (AGOA) a officiellement été lancé à la Chambre de commerce et d'industrie du Ghana (CCIG), sise à Accra, au Ghana. L'ATRC est un effort conjoint entre le CCIG et le Centre ouest-africain pour le commerce de l’...

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18 mar, 2015

Representatives of the Ghana Cashew Industry Stakeholders have agreed on GH¢2.70 per kilogramme as the starting price for Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN) in Ghana in the 2015 cashew season. This is the first time the players in the industry have come together to set a common price for the beans....

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25 fév, 2015

L'Alliance africaine pour le cajou (ACA) a reçu une nouvelle subvention du Fonds africain pour le commerce (AfTra) de la Banque africaine de développement destinée à mettre en œuvre un vaste programme d'assistance technique pour les transformateurs de cajou dans 8 pays en Afrique de l'Est et de l'Ouest.

La subvention soutient les activités de l’ACA visant à créer plus de 2000 nouveaux...

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18 fév, 2015

The European Union has committed to supplying 1.5 million euros to projects based in Guinea-Bissau that improve the livelihoods of small-scale cashew farmers.  Approximately half of this amount is dedicated entirely to producers who seek to strengthen the quality and quantity of their production.

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13 jan, 2015

Le 4ème Appel commence le 7 janvier et termine le 24 janvier 2015.

1. Le Fonds de Contrepartie de Cajou

L'adoption de bonnes pratiques agricoles assure une meilleure qualité de noix de cajou brutes, tandis que des liens stables et fiables entre les agriculteurs, les transformateurs et les acheteurs est extrêmement essentiel pour la compétitivité de noix de cajou d'...

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12 déc, 2014

The National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN) has officially solicited assistance from the federal government to subsidize the procurement of jute bags for cashew packaging. The packing materials which are currently used most widely, polypropelene bags, negatively affect the quality of the cashew nuts.  To read more, please visit the allAfrica site...

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