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The latest news from the African cashew industry.

4 Jul, 2014

After a record rise in cashew kernel exports last year, exports of the commodity have seen a decline in the first two months of this financial year, owing to a shortage of raw cashew nuts. A decline in production in India and African countries led to the shortage.

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27 Jun, 2014

According to traders, the recent heavy demand for cashew kernels across the world will likely re-stabilize and firm up the market.  Cashew usage in the major importing countries has been rising steadily, most likely due to the recent stability in prices.  The drought in California has also caused the supply of almonds to drop dramatically, thereby driving up demand for other nuts....

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20 May, 2014

On the 16th of May, 2014 The Vietnamese Cashew Association (VINACAS) signed an MOU with the General Council of Cotton and Cashew of Cote d'Ivoire (CCA).  The MOU focuses on information exchange, securing commercial transactions, and support for representation of each body in the respective countries.  The MOU was signed during the 3-day "Golden Cashew Rendezvous", which was hosted by...

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7 Apr, 2014

Cashew stakeholders in Ghana gathered at Mim Cashew in Wenchi, Ghana to open the season.  The launch had the theme of “harnessing the economic and climatic benefits of cashew; the strategic non-traditional export commodity”, and marked the official beginning of what will hopefully be a fruitful season.


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10 Jan, 2014

Já estamos a fechar o ano 2013,  a Aliança Africana do caju ainda está ocupado a reforçar o sector Caju africana por meio de diversas actividades. Neste boletim de noticias, escolhemos os nossos momentos preferidos do ano passado,  os diversos  benefícios para a saúde de nosso favorito noz, e actualizações sobre as mais recentes actividades  da ACA,  congressos no...

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16 May, 2013


$25m processing plant in Ghana to be set up by Brazilian cashew company. 

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3 Apr, 2013

Triangular competition in West Africa creating bullish market trends, according to

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19 Feb, 2013

"Despite economic crisis, cashew is consumed greatly in the country as people understand more about its nutrition values, said the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas)."

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7 Feb, 2013

India, one of the world's largest processors of cashew, is expected to expand RCN production in 2013, increasing output by 15%. Experts say that good weather patterns, including steady, late rainfall that continued until November of 2012, set up India for a good crop. In 2012 India harvested 693,000 MT of raw cashew - forecasts for this year are predicting 800,000MT of production. 

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