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The latest news from the African cashew industry.

6 Oct, 2020

Le président ivoirien Alassane Ouattara et le Directeur général du Conseil du coton et de l’anacarde, Adama Coulibaly, ont inauguré hier la création du Centre d’innovations et de technologies de l’anacarde (CITA) à Yamoussoukro. Il s’agit d’une...

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30 Sep, 2020

Two cashew nut researchers have called on cashew producers to utilize improved planting materials and seedlings to increase Africa’s production rate of...

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29 Sep, 2020
28 Sep, 2020
26 Sep, 2020

Cashew processors are calling on the government to support them to improve local processing of cashew in the country to increase their yield, and more

26 Sep, 2020

The local cashew processing sub-sector has received a massive boost to sustain operations, amidst threat by the Coronavirus pandemic.

This follows the presentation of COVID-19 relief items to the processors by the African Cashew Alliance (ACA) and...

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25 Sep, 2020

Equipment Supplier for Cashew Processors in Ghana


The Competitive Cashew initiative (ComCashew) aims to strengthen the competitiveness of African Cashew processors to reduce poverty amongst small-scale farmers in its project countries: Benin...

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