ACA Member West Africa Markets Link wins Ghana Export Promotion Authority Achievement Award

On Friday, September 2012, ACA Member West Africa Markets Link (WAML) was awarded the Gold Award for the Export of Cashew Nuts in 2011 by the Ghana Export Promotion Authority. Winfred Osei, Managing Director of WAML, accepted the award at the 22nd National Awards for Export Achievement in Accra, Ghana.

The award, given for companies working with non-traditional exports, rewards outstanding businesses for their work based on export volumes, as well as the company’s impact on the specific trade sector.

“We recognize that this is a mark of recognition of what we do,” said Mr. Osei. “We see this award as a way to raise the profile of our company, while also motivating us to do more.”

An ACA member since 2008, WAML plans to open a cashew processing factory by 2014, designed to become a Seal-approved facility by 2015. ACA will provide technical assistance for the development of the factory and implementation of the Seal program during over the next three years. This expansion demonstrates WAML’s commitment to expanding their presence in the market and adding value to the cashew commodity chain in Ghana.

“We, as a company, are not just traders – we ourselves are growing cashew, most importantly,” Mr. Osei remarked. “We are particularly interested in showing that when we penetrate markets, it translates into new opportunity for the country and also for the community. By expanding our presence in the market, we can add value to the chain, reaching all the way to the farmer.”