Announcing ACA Executive Committee Elections 2016 – Call for Applications!

The ACA Secretariat invites applications from ACA Core Members* who are interested in joining the ACA Executive Committee, ACA’s governing body. The EC provides strategic direction and oversight to guide ACA’s work to promote ‘a globally competitive African cashew industry that provides benefits to the value chain - from farmer to consumer’. The EC is composed of 7 positions: 5 positions for cashew businesspeople from Africa’s cashew-producing countries and 2 for representatives from international businesses with investments in cashew processing in Africa.

This year, ACA Core Members will elect only 4 candidates from African Cashew producing countries to replace 4 of the current sitting EC members who have completed their 2 terms for 4 years. The other 3 current EC members (2 international candidates and 1 candidate representing African cashew business) were only elected last year and have not yet fulfilled the first term, so they will not be presented for the 2016 election process.  

Please consult the EC ELECTIONS MANUAL for EC requirements, duties and voting instructions.

Elections will be held among qualified candidates at the 10th ACA World Cashew Festival and Expo, to be held in Bissau, Guinea Bissau from 19th – 22nd  September 2016.

Please express your interest in the position via an email to along with the following documents:

African cashew business people:

    -  A letter of recommendation from an officially recognized National Cashew Value Chain Association    or body.  Please click here to view the list of current Associations known to ACA

Note that all candidates must send the following documents to the ACA Secretariat in hard copies, at most, three weeks before the elections day:

1. Certified copies of passports (certified by a bank, public notary, consulate or lawyer/law firm)

2. 4 copies of passport size photos.

3. CV with brief background information

Deadline for submission of applications is 17th August, 2016. Please note that applicants must be registered and paying ACA core members.

*Core Members – Private companies registered in Africa